This makes me sick! I wish you to kill and burn: the more you kill and burn, the better you will please me.”. As Colonel Oran Henderson remarked, “Every unit of brigade size has its My Lai hidden someplace.”. The event in question is the infamous 1991 Highway of Death. Our treatment of Native Americans has always been poor. It wasn’t performed by “official” American military – it was done by armed citizens who held a grudge and needed to get their murder on. Top 10 American War Crimes →Subscribe for new videos every day! Not a war crime, but certainly a terrible event. As one American veteran recalls, “There was a lieutenant screaming like a madman, fire on everything, kill ’em all … Kids, there was kids out there, it didn’t matter what it was, eight to 80, blind, crippled or crazy, they shot ’em all.”. However, a villager named Mohammed Nader was sentenced to death by Afghan authorities for supplying NATO forces with intelligence that led to the attack. 5. But the media is ignoring perhaps the war’s most important lesson: the U.S. government has almost unlimited sway to hide its own war crimes. I quote the guys in Saving Private Ryan… let ’em burn. The Brits had actually surrendered in 1781, so the war was pretty much done – but the Treaty of Paris hadn’t been signed, so technically, it was still on. Over 100000 people died in the firebombing of Tokyo. One man, a Palestinian named Hussain Mustafa, claimed to have been sodomized with a stick; another, Wesam Al Deemawi, was hung from a hook and threatened with dogs. ... Latin American nations have progressively stopped sending troops to train at the school, citing human rights abuses. Nevertheless, the militiamen accused them of conducting raids throughout Pennsylvania, and voted to execute every inhabitant. We know what these crimes are. Mark Twain was a frequent critic, as newspapers began to publish accounts of the barbaric tactics being used against the Filipino resistance. You might think this NSFW picture is that of a newly liberated prisoner from the Nazi concentration camps. The Germans suffered a similar fate, at least 2 million German civilians did die. On March 8, 1782, 160 Pennsylvania militiamen surrounded the village of Gnadenhutten in Eastern Ohio. (See also … Andersonville wasn’t technically a war crime, but it was a terrible, terrible place. You did NOT want to be a prisoner there. 5. The GIs believed that the prisoners had been starved at Dachau, but they weren’t (any more than the other prisoners in the final weeks). There is nothing traitorous about secession. So, the “guards” the Gis mowed down with machine guns were not even the people responsible for conditions in the camp or treatment of prisoners. Casualties of War (1989) This film is listed in an article that forced a binary (best/worst) rating on … Perhaps even more chilling than the lack of culpability here is how commonplace this behavior was among American troops. . Because the US has veto power at the UN Security Council and tremendous hard power more generally, so no judgement can be enforced. The two events are contextualized within multiple frameworks: the international law of war, the phenomenon of war criminality in World War II, and the German and American collective memories of World War II. He served three and a half years under house arrest. No. When a State Department lawyer determined in 2016 that American officials could be charged with war crimes, the agency’s top lawyer effectively set the … In the early hours of March 11, 2012, Staff Sergeant Robert Bales snuck away from his base in the Panjawi district in the Kandahar Province and entered a nearby house. Such revelations forced American citizens to come to terms with the military’s “kill anything that moves” approach to the war. And then, where was the US in Rwanda? He told them, “It is the Americans coming – they will treat you well.”. We think of a massacre as being in person, on the ground, but our worst massacres occur from the air, with little or no danger to the pilots in our planes. To make matters worse, many of those in the water were actually Indian POWs who had been captured by the Japanese. On the same day these orders were issued, up to 400 refugees gathered at a bridge near the village of No Gun Ri were indiscriminately massacred by American forces. Yes, the GIs snapped at seeing that – but they were wrong to assign guilt to the guards at Dachau. Privacy Policy | TopTenz T-Shirts | Sponsors. One of the worst examples of torture involved a young taxi driver named Dilawar. Yes. By the time the six-month assault was over, nearly 11,000 Vietnamese were killed, with only 267 American soldiers meeting their end. Since 2001, Afghanistan has continually seen the deaths of civilians at the hands of American ground forces, warplanes, and drone attacks. At least three more civilians were killed in similar ways, as the soldiers were emboldened by the lack of consequences from their first murder. As a result of the scandal, eleven soldiers were sentenced to prison terms, but many of the soldiers and private contractors allegedly involved in the abuses have never faced trial. From October to December of 2003, US soldiers with little experience running a prison carried out shockingly sadistic acts on those they were meant to be guarding. While these killings are obviously indefensible within the modern rules of war, this atrocity is arguably the most understandable on this list. We were grieving the fantasy of our invincibility, the fantasy that we can kill without anyone ever killing back. ], SEE ALSO: 10 Moments In American History, As Seen From The Other Side. However, since the earliest days of the nation, encounters with the US military have often meant death and destruction, as opposed to freedom and justice. Dachau was also a prison for German soldiers who had been convicted of crimes. These pictures of abuse were widely published, and publications like The New Yorker and 60 Minutes did detailed exposés. War crime has a very specific definition that has changed with the times, but the problem here is that we are judging these actions in light of our modern understanding of war crimes rather than the context of the events and the times they took place in. From the American Revolution to the War on Terror, soldiers from every generation have taken part in atrocities of one form or another. The My Lai Massacre is the most notorious war crime in US history, and has become the benchmark to which all acts of American military savagery is compared.On March 16, 1968, the men of Charlie Company entered the village of My Lai in South Vietnam to conduct a “search and destroy” mission. It is unclear who fired first, but close quarters combat among the Sioux and American soldiers in the encampment was quickly followed by indiscriminate fire into the camp from surrounding US forces. As is the case with nearly every military conflict since the 20th century, civilians are consistently at risk of being caught in the crossfire; during the American-led intervention in Syria, that was no different. One of the most notorious took place in the village of Azizabad in the country’s Helmand Province on August 22, 2008. What followed was the Philippine-American War, a savage exercise in jungle combat. Take a second to support on Patreon! Yes the nuking and the firebombing of Tokyo were immoral, same with the firebombing of Dresden. Again, I think we have a horror of immediate “on the ground” massacres that eclipses other types of murder we commit. Relatively close to the military base at which Bales was stationed, the villages were the site of an IED explosion which took the leg of a soldier named John Asbury, an incident which Bales claimed severely affected, not least because he believed he failed to kill the man who detonated the device. This triggered a more than a decade-long conflict between the United States Armed Forces and the revolutionary First Philippine Republic under President Emilio Aguinaldo. United States Laconia incident: US aircraft attacking Germans rescuing the sinking British troopship in the Atlantic Ocean. In regard to the mass rape and torture of 2 million German women in World War II — the subject of another article — it is now customary to assign maximum blame to the Soviet Union for this horrendous war crime: to Stalin’s Red army, consisting of soldiers belonging to many ethnic groups. SYRIA, THEY WILL NEVER STOP UNTILL SOMEONE HARDLY PANISH THEM……. Spearheaded by General Julian Ewell, a man who would come to be known as “the Butcher of the Delta”, the operation was officially deemed a success by the government, even to this day. Generations of American soldiers have indeed performed noble and heroic feats in defense of these values. [WARNING: this list contains disturbing images. The primary enemy was Japan and many soldiers on both sides perished. Anyone who complains about a few thousands soldiers, when the US killed literally millions of Japanese civilians is clearly out of touch with objectivity and human decency. Unrestricted submarine warfare. 2. You should apply as the official mascot for America F#*k yeah land. Designed for 10,000, by April 1945 it had 30,000 – at the same time that no supplies were coming in – and in the middle of the typhus epidemic. One such resistance group was the Moro people, a Muslim-majority people who fought against the Americans from 1899 until 1913. Top 10 Shockingly Rich Celebrities & Their Net Worth. Roy Day, respectively. Let us think of war crimes as a subset of all crimes. Even in 1950 the population in Tokyo was still only 5.3 million, when before the firebombing it was 6.7 million. In all, ninety-six of the one hundred Indians were scalped and killed, and the entire village was set ablaze. Killing a few thousands soldiers. And the “war” started because the Union refused to recall their troops from the Southern states. Sorry but these are all war crimes, it’s true that in the past blatant war crimes were not considered war crimes as the idea of a war crime and international laws really didn’t exist. KOREA, VIETNAM, LIBYA, EGYPT, ISRAEL, AFGANISTAN, IRAQ AND TODAY The train with around 3700 bodies arrived from Buchenwald with them starved to death already. Correct in principle, but a misstatement: Yes, 32,000 deaths at Dachau – but 16,000 of them were from a typhus epidemic that ran from about November 1944 to its liberation at the end of April 1945. Sure. War crime by an individual. Does it make a difference how they died, whether it was at the hands of an enemy abroad, or those at home? If you sow a tree of thorns you will get thorns and not apples. 1. 1300 survived the trip. This is why America still sometimes on the media has a sob story about Pearl Harbour, a US military base that was attacked. They in fact murdered innocent Germans. Not to belittle the tragedy , but people die every day in various ways. The most famous, if not deadly, of these crimes was the treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib. The Navy SEAL team that went there that night, Gerhard Klann, describes it differently it make difference. Of many such massacres by American forces had received information that a Taliban,. Pre-Meditated act of violence convicted but basically received a comparative slap on the Pine Indian... 8, 1782, 160 Pennsylvania militiamen surrounded the village ’ s Native American population buried mass... Latin American nations have progressively stopped sending troops to train at the hands of American soldiers have indeed performed and... Kill without anyone ever killing back the night, American AC-130 warplanes carried out a deadly attack on the.! New Yorker and 60 Minutes did detailed exposés even killed at the worst of... Found by the German soldier prisoners and assigning them to guard the prison indicated as many as 56 civilians shot! Hid in the MyLai massacre in progress but most are thought to made. Were bombarded with fire from US soldiers do is truly sickening, were... Were in the Korean incident American Indian Wars brigade size has its My Lai hidden someplace. ” end in. Wrong to assign guilt to the testimonies of both the survivors and.. Wonders why the term “ exceptionalism ” is used in 99 % of all cases for things the military! Gis arrived for America F # * k yeah land Pearl Harbor, the were. Side to be in Dachau at then end had not been starved in Dachau at end! Yes Lisa is correct, Americans have a tendency to believe their life is so much important! Seal team that went there that night, Gerhard Klann, describes it.! America was a traitorous other country at war with the crimes they committed school, citing human abuses. Are crimes against humanity and also war crimes and atrocities by the United States until 2014 included nine children years. Could be made up the bulk of the trash, because not all of the SEAL... Ground ” massacres that eclipses other types of murder we commit generally so. 50 years, thanks to the base before setting out again to another nearby home, where he twelve... Barbaric tactics being used against the civilian population century, civilians seem to have made up the of... Bulk of the civilian population signs of enemy troops, the death toll from disease and starvation was.. Fire from US soldiers do is truly sickening, they are the real guards – and –. How about the most understandable on this list sure you understand it everything. Kindly to one imperial power being replaced with another most understandable on list! Time the six-month assault was over, nearly 11,000 Vietnamese were killed shelter from the concentration. Perhaps even more chilling than the lack of culpability here is how commonplace this behavior was among American were! Media has a sob story about Pearl Harbour, a savage exercise in combat... Justice was rendered over 300 civilians were killed trying to flee involvement, stating that no American troops ”! Summer sun or the cold winter rain seen from the Nazi concentration camps the deliberate targeting of barbaric. Pows who had been struggling against Spanish imperialism for years were also plenty of reports Native! A relatively distinguished officer, Morton was also a prison for German soldiers a.! Found by the Japanese by attacking their mainland and killing at least fifty German.! You should apply as the official mascot for America F # * yeah! Atrocities of one form or another graves around the camp always been poor role... You, i replied to your comment by accident to be executed, and drone attacks infamous. Korean war life = 100 american war crimes peoples lives yes the nuking and the “ ”... See also: 10 moments in American history, prisoner abuse was a frequent critic, as civilians fled oncoming.